The nursery is opened from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm weekdays (except bank holidays). We cater for children aged 0 - 4 years in our purpose built nursery setting.

What people say

These are some of the things our parents and our students have to say about the Pocklington Montessori experience.

Making the decision to return to work was made so much easier once I visited Montessori nursery, my daughter was 9 months old and ready to explore, learn and socialise with children her own age.

Mini Montys provided physically all she could need and want, but what impressed me the most was the relationships you could see between the teachers and children.  Mini Montys has provided Matilda with a safe, welcoming, clean and bright environment for her to exploe and become the independent toddler she is today.  She gets excited when I tell her we are going to school and from the car park to the classroom it's all an adventure for her......

Saying good morning to the Hens and Mr Cockeral, (not forgettting the lengthy goodbyes) to surveying the play areas to see what she can play with next, down the hall past the very enticing books, into the cloakroom to explore all the bags and drawers, to running into class to greet her little friends and theachers for the day ahead.


The children, staff and setting of Mini Montys makes it easy to go to work confident in the knowledge Matilda will be happy and knowing if she does have an unsure moment throughout the day she has caring teachers around always ready to offer a cuddle and reassurance.


The learning journey Matilda is on amazes me week after week. 

Having attended Pocklington Montessori for two years,my daughter has benefitted from experiencing both Mini Montys and Nursery settings.

Throughtout her time here, she has really grown both academically and socially, developing a sound foundation for her future education and life.I attribute a lot of this growth to the guidance,opportunities and support offered by the wonderful Montessori staff, who really know and nuture my daughter as an individual.It is not just the teaching staff as you might expect, but the caretaker,cook and office staff all take such an interest in my daughter and our family as a whole, which is what has made us feel so happy with our choice two years ago and why I feel confident in my daughters safety and happiness when she is at Nursery.

Pocklington Montessori has made such a positive impact on my daughter, who started her journey as an unsure toddler and is now leaving a confident little girl ready for"big school".I believe lasting friendships have been formed , and will sadly miss our time here.Thank you so much for all of your hard work and love. 

Abbi Tinson

Matilda's journey from Mini Montys upto Nursery Class 2 has been a great adventure, she has made many friends along the way. Not just children , the fond relationship she has with her teachers, support staff and the caretaker is clear to see.

The Montessori teaching team have a great way of introducing so much earning through play, Matilda loves all the different topics, often coming home and telling all the family about her body works or about all the different creatures that live under the sea. 

All the staff at Montessori have always been very supportive and are always happy to listen, help and advise, they are always there when our little girl needs reassuring cuddle and you can see the relationships that have been built are strong and genuine. 

As parents we believe Montessori has helped Matilda achieve a high level of education, along with many life skills, this in turn has helped her grow into a very confident and happy little girl who is ready to make the next step onto primary school.Thank you and we will miss you. 

Miss Kelly Alford

All three of my children have attended Pocklington Montessori Nursery.The staff are wonderful and caring,my children have really thrived.I love the mix of play and informal early years education.My daughters have both moved to Infant school and both are very confident socially and academically.I cannot recommend Pocklington Montessori Montessori Nursery highly enough.I will be sad to say goodbye to the staff when my youngest leaves.

Mrs Laura Tilney