The nursery is opened from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm weekdays (except bank holidays). We cater for children aged 0 - 4 years in our purpose built nursery setting.

Environmental policy

At Pocklington Montessori we aim to raise environmental awareness by ensuring that all the children and staff have a broad understanding of environmental issues. We also try to raise awareness of our policies to all visitors and parent’s through posters and campaigns.

Pocklington Montessori School environmental main aims are as follows:

  • to minimise the use of non-renewable and environmentally-damaging resources
  • to maximise recycling in all areas of the school
  • to increase awareness of environmental issue amongst children and staff
  • to cut down school waste and enable the school to run more efficiently
  • to encourage our children to develop good habits
  • to encourage an awareness of the wider environment

To achieve these aims we will regularly review our policy and procedures in all areas of the school.


  • All waste food to be placed in appropriate bin for compost bin
  • All packaging to be placed in the appropriate recycling bin
  • Use local suppliers and produce to minimize pollution


  • Staff and students are asked to use the paper bins to recycle all paper.
  • Staff and students are asked not to print documents or websites unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Staff, students and parents are asked to use e-mail wherever possible avoiding copying paper, to colleagues, students or parents.
  • Use scrap paper for notes
  • Shredded paper to be used for packaging


  • Staff and children are asked to ensure that all computers, screens, printers and cameras are turned off after their last use of the day.
  • Recycle ink cartridges
  • Children and staff will not print off unnecessary documents


  • Staff and students are asked to turn off lights whenever they are not being used.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Turn the heating down one degree and use timers
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Consider using solar energy for the school


  • Encourage all children and staff to place all litter in the bins
  • Encourage children to nurture the gardens


  • Not make unnecessary journey’s in the school bus
  • Use local suppliers
  • Raise awareness of the impact of using transport to health

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