The nursery is opened from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm weekdays (except bank holidays). We cater for children aged 0 - 4 years in our purpose built nursery setting.


Children begin with globes and then study maps using jigsaws. They can trace and colour the shapes of each continent as well as placing them in the right place in the puzzle.


They go on to name and put the shapes onto blank maps of the world and to recognise flags. Looking at countries individually they will use picture cards of mothers and babies, families and their daily lives and handle and examine artifacts from other cultures - a Japanese fan, chopsticks, a sari or an African drum.

Many nurseries have cultural boxes, one for each country, filled with all the exotica nursery teachers can find to bring new places alive. On festival days settings may celebrate with tastes of exotic foods, learn songs from other countries or invite a guest or parent to show and tell about special costumes and celebrations.

The land forms teach geographical features. They are a set of models showing islands, bays, capes, peninsulas, isthmuses and lakes for children to fill with water and perhaps float a little boat or put an animal on the land. Many classrooms now have wonderful scale models of the planets and the solar system and a take-apart model of the earth which reveals its layers and core.

Science materials give opportunities to experiment with magnets, light, air, and even build simple circuit boards to light a tiny bulb. Most classrooms have a nature table or pets corner and in many areas of the cultural curriculum children use classification cards for naming, matching or identifying anything and everything from leaf shapes and different kinds of stone to the different stages of a tadpole's metamorphosis into a frog.

The breadth of children's knowledge of their world when they leave Montessori nursery can be quite astounding.


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