The nursery is opened from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm weekdays (except bank holidays). We cater for children aged 0 - 4 years in our purpose built nursery setting.

Montessori Nursery

All Montessori Nursery teachers who are head of their Nursery are Montessori qualified and have many  years of expererience.  

The staff in a Montessori environment should be calm and unhurried and should move around the room discreetly and quietly. They should be responsive to the needs of individual children who should not have to wait until they become bored or upset before they get attention but vigilance is maintained in a low-key way so the children do not feel as if they are being "policed".

Teachers should be pleasant and polite, firm without anger and be able to deal with situations with sympathy and assistance rather than with punishment.

All children should be shown respect, never humiliated or laughed at and their remarks should be listened to seriously and answered thoughtfully and courteously.

This is just a sample of the things which take place in a Montessori Nursery classroom. The range of activities will vary from term to term and each piece of equipment has a teaching purpose and a story to tell of its own.

Deciding whether a nursery will suit your child does not however, come down to a check list. What you are looking for and should find in a good Montessori setting is a place where your child feels stimulated, safe and at peace.

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