The nursery is opened from 7.30 am - 6.00 pm weekdays (except bank holidays). We cater for children aged 0 - 4 years in our purpose built nursery setting.


Our aim is to help your child develop into a happy and independent little person. The following gives a list of suggestions of how to encourage your child to gain the most from Nursery and explains the Nursery system, which we hope, will help you.

  • For children 2 ½ to 4 years of age.
  • Ratio of staff to children is 1:6.
  • Sessions available: 9.30am – 1.00pm.  1.00pm– 4.00pm. Children may have lunch as part of their am or pm session at 12.30pm. The earliest time to bring your child into class for a morning session is 9.20am, as teachers need their preparation time. Those children attending the afternoon session and not wishing to be with us for lunch should join their class at 1.00pm.
  • Lunch is served at 12.30pm

A Typical Day in Nursery

Encourage your child to walk into school and take appropriate road safety precautions in crossing from the car park.

It is necessary to ring the bell in the porch and wait to hear a click before the door can be opened. Often a member a staff will be in the foyer ready to welcome your child (and you) into school. (Do not let anyone else in who is not familiar to you in the school – security cameras operate in the porch and a member of staff in the office will intercept anyone not recognised.)

Take your child through to their cloakroom where they will have a peg labelled with their forename. This is where they should keep their coat/hat/bag containing a spare set of clothes and their P.E. kit if they attend Nursery on a P.E. day (check with your teacher).

Their gym slippers are kept on the shelf either above or below the peg and they should put their outdoor shoes neatly on this shelf after changing them, ready for class.  Encourage your child to change his/her shoes him/herself and hang things up, etc.

Escort your child into the Nursery class. A member of staff will greet you and focus on the child. You should put any work, spare nappies and wipes, etc.; into your child’s named tray/drawer then assist in getting the child settled into their chosen activity. Once settled, leave discreetly.

The Session Day

The earliest time to bring your child in to class for a morning session is 9.20am, prior to this, your Montessori teacher may hold meetings or have class preparation time.

From arrival, your child is encouraged to carry out activities of their own choice, depending on their stage of development, e.g. work from the Practical Life shelves or with sensorial equipment.

During the morning each Nursery implements ‘The Montessori Work Cycle’.  This is a two and half to three hour uninterrupted cycle of work where children can participate in art, music, physical activities, group work, snack preparation and individual learning experiences. This is an integral part of the Montessori ethos and philosophy and will provide the children more freedom and opportunity to develop their independence and life skills.

We will deliver the Montessori ‘Work Cycle’ in the morning combined with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This takes us to lunchtime at 12.30pm. In the afternoon we continue with the EYFS alongside our specialist lessons, including woodwork, cooking, art, languages and music. 

At lunch the children wear an apron supplied by school and their teachers serve their lunch. Staff are informed of any special diets and requests. Children are expected to be as independent as possible at meal times and use cutlery correctly, develop good eating habits and skills at the table, not waste food and try new things.

After lunch they are escorted back to class. Their first task in class is to brush their teeth and possibly comb their hair and, if necessary, wash around their mouth ready for the afternoon.

In the afternoon, in addition to individual activities, they have ‘Circle-Time’, where they sing songs and have a story or a discussion relating to the term’s theme.  This is also the time when manners, morals and courtesy are reinforced.

Collecting Your Child

If your child is not staying for lunch, please collect them at 12.30pm

If your child is staying for lunch, please collect at 1.00pm from your child’s classroom or weather permitting, the playground.

Please remember to check your child’s tray for anything that needs to go home and ensure your child is in his/her outdoor shoes.

If collecting following the afternoon session at 4pm, please collect your child from their classroom. Again check their drawer and get them changed to go home leaving their gym slippers neatly in the designated area.

General Comments Regarding Nursery

Nursery children all carry out P.E. in their class groups on Wednesdays (school regulation kit needed) afternoons. Music is in class groups on Monday afternoon. Art and cookery are available most days with gardening being a constant in good weather.

Topics – Each Nursery class has a topic which changes every term, e.g. homes, transport, weather, colours, etc. Children and parents are encouraged to participate in the theme by bringing things in from home/work or other life experiences.

Drawers – Your child will be allocated a named drawer for communications such as ‘The Bulletin’, invoices, details of trips, birthday celebrations and letters of the alphabet in their wallets and any works of art which may have been created for you.

Birthdays – We like to celebrate your child’s birthday with the whole Nursery class. The birthday is seen as a celebration of a year in your child’s life and the children sing the ‘Celebration’ song. If you bring in a cake to celebrate your child’s birthday this will be eaten after lunch.

Toilet Training – The staff are very encouraging and accommodating when your child is ready. (Please discuss this with the staff and just supply extra sets of clothes in readiness!) If still in nappies, please supply any necessary nappies and wipes.

Language Development – Following work with the Montessori equipment, letters are gradually introduced phonetically. Your child may bring home a named plastic wallet containing letters of the alphabet, boxes of objects with word cards or possibly a book. You will be told what your child should do at home.

Generally, the child is encouraged to develop his/her physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social skills through use of the specialised Montessori activities and by interaction with staff and other children. The children are encouraged to progress at their own pace in all aspects of the Montessori Curriculum and the EYFS. We encourage good habits, e.g. the child is expected to put an activity/equipment away when they have finished with it and push their chair under the table. Encouraging the child to be tidy and independent at home will reinforce this.

Extra Sessions – Some of you, due to dental or hospital appointments, ask if you can ‘swap’ sessions (e.g. Monday am to Wednesday pm) and, on occasions your child may be invited to attend extra sessions for school trips, end of term parties etc. Our 1:6 staff: child ratio dictates the amount of teachers we require and this is set at the beginning of term with teachers being contracted for a certain number of sessions.

Sessions can only be amended by completing the appropriate form (amendment to sessions form). A terms notice must be given to ensure the correct staffing is available.

Enter the school through Nursery main doors. Parking is in the school car park.

Transition to Reception

Children usually stay in the same Nursery class throughout their time at Montessori. Thereafter the Principal and staff will decide which Reception class your child will be based in.  This is dependent on a balanced boy/girl ratio and on a stable personality mix.

Due to the integration within school, children will have seen almost all staff at one time or another. Nonetheless, the move from one department to another is taken very seriously, with children visiting their new classes and reciprocal visits from their teachers well before the move.

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